“When I first started seeing Teresa I was at a loss, I was struggling with chronic yeast – presenting itself as a thrush, it had been ongoing for over a year. At this point I had seen many different doctors all of whom just kept giving me the same medication that would then cause other ailments and never fixed my problem. I had stomach aches most days, troubles with digestion and inflammation, I was suffering from severe dizzy spells and would get so lightheaded at times I thought I would pass out. Needless to say my quality of life in terms of my health was greatly suffering but I didn’t know why. When I recommend Teresa to people I tell them she is a miracle worker because for me she was! Within a month of working with her she pinpointed the cause of my yeast, all the chemicals I’m exposed to at work, and was able to give me ways in which to detox and keep my body safe from further exposure. But her help didn’t end there. Through testing for foods that were affecting me we found that I was eating completely wrong for my body type and blood type. With support from Teresa and guidance I was able to change my diet , I didn’t know I could feel as good as I do now. I no longer suffer from aching joints , stomach aches , headaches or dizziness, My body feels completely different from when we first started working together. I get better sleep which is something we worked on together and I know how to properly fuel my body and provide true health for myself through food and proper nutrition. I do not get mood swings and depression systems as I once did from my prior sugar intake because we were able to find that it affects me very negatively. I cannot thank Teresa enough for her impact on my health and life. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone, I never knew how much better I could feel until I met her.”