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“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein

We view health as our capacity (body, mind, soul) to adaptively and creatively deal with the inevitable stresses and trials of life. Dis-ease is a diminution of our capacity for self-regulation and self-healing. However, many barriers to wellness exist and many of us suffer with diseases of “civilization”. The increasing demands of modern society and the dominant paradigm of waiting for something to “break” and then trying to “fix the broken ”, so prevalent in western medicine, have left many of us struggling with chronic, debilitating symptoms. Our medical care system is excellent at treating acute conditions but not at preventing or successfully addressing chronic conditions. Modern medicine is good at masking symptoms but not necessarily at finding root causes. Long and demanding work schedules keep us in a continuous cycle of overwork and over consumption at the expense of our own health, and the health of the planet. We have come to view our own bodies as merely instruments to be used and abused and fail to realize we inhabit ourselves and, like the Earth, there is only one of us. Our movements are often restricted and repetitive, trapping bodies and minds, limiting our freedom of expression and resiliency. In the 21st century where we have made unthinkable technological advances, we are sadder, sicker, lonelier, and less resilient than ever.

Our highly commodified food and health care systems often produce neither food nor health. Over-industrialization of food production and processing creates readily available food-stuffs that are often lacking in essential nutrients. For many of us, access to the “real foods” our ancestors thrived on is inaccessible or we have lost the knowledge to eat well. Overexploitation of the land and abusive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has depleted soils of nutrients and created vast areas of food deserts around the world, while factory farming produces animal protein of lesser nutritional value frequently loaded with antibiotics. Ultimately “fake food” limits our bodies’ ability to heal and adapt to environmental stress.

At Radical Ancestral Health, LLC we believe there is a different way. We must begin again with the foundations of eating, sleeping, movement, and the collaborative interactions with our fellow humans and the environment that make life meaningful. Reconnecting with our bodies’ needs and rhythms, our ancestral wisdom and the planet, are essential if we want to recover our true essence and capacity for health. We share with every evolved living creature, from the majestic bacterium and humble tree, the resilience and ability to bounce back from injury and disease. However, we need to provide our bodies with the right resources to do this. Whole foods in their most natural, unprocessed state, access to a clean environment, plenty of enjoyable movements, restorative sleep, and a healthy work-rest balance, are some of the most important ways to achieve and maintain true health. We must also reestablish a more compassionate relationship with our own bodies and develop skills of self-awareness so we can regulate our own functioning and healing.

We strive to meet clients where they are and provide them with information and tools they can start applying to their lives immediately. Our approach is to collaborate with clients in finding the root causes of their complaints, pain or discomfort, and together, create a reasonable, achievable plan of action, while providing support along the way. We believe listening to our clients’ needs and engaging them with respect and compassion is necessary for all healing collaborations. Our clients are active participants in their own pathways to health; from making choices in the foods they eat, to strengthening their mind-body connection, and creating new avenues for sensory awareness and fluid movement. We take it one step at a time, as health is not a goal but a lifetime journey.


Fish and veggies in a dark, shallow metal bowl

Functional Nutrition Therapy

Functional Nutritional Therapy is based on the belief that true health can only be achieved through a foundational approach to nutrition and lifestyle. There is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to diet but any dietary recommendation must be rooted on prioritizing properly-prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods.

Clinical Somatic Movement Education

Clinical Somatic Movement Education is a mindful movement practice inspired by the work of Thomas Hanna, PhD that teaches us how to move toward greater mind-body integration, ease of movement, and both physical and emotional freedom.

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